Well, HELLO beautiful!

It's FINALLY here! After what seemed like an eternity of debating with myself whether or not to take on the task of becoming a "Beauty Blogger", I conceded and made a decision to give it a go.

Welcome ladies (and a few gents) to:

"FRUGAL BUT FAB: Confessions of a Beautyholic"! (*insert applause here)

Aside from my daily career as a professional makeup artist (and awesome mom), I am a self-proclaimed beautyholic:

  • Do you experience an overwhelming feeling of excitement when walking through the beauty aisle?
  • Are you addicted to buying makeup, skincare and beauty items when you don't even need them?
  • Do you love trying new beauty products?
  • Have you spent hours on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest watching beauty tutorials?

Chances are you're a beautyholic too! And if you've answered no to any of the above "symptoms", there's plenty of room for you to join us; we welcome you with open arms.

However, I've found that being a beautyholic can get quite expensive. Nonetheless, I've discovered a plethora of amazing beauty products that will be featured weekly right here on my blog. I'll even toss in my personal and professional perspective for FREE! Enjoy product reviews, DIY skincare regimens, hacks, hauls, tutorials, give-a-ways, and everything in between. But wait, there's more (in the voice of an infomercial pitchman)! ALL featured items on my blog will be $10.00 or less! That's right, you heard me...$10.00. OR. LESS! (gasp) So join me every Wednesday to discover what frugal but fabulous finds I'll have for you, and tell a friend to tell a friend.

Stay beautiful...shop wisely.


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